Friday, September 26, 2008

Ron Paul to Barack Obama

Now those who know me, knew that I was behind Ron Paul for president all the way. I even gave his campaign money, and thats a first for me. Now if you are wondering why, just do the research, he was and still is the only man running, who looks at the Constitution and follows it to the T, you know that little document that protects our freedoms and rights. A document that has been shat on by the current government, that is still some how running this nation with an approval rating of 26%. I love my rights as an American, but now after the patriot act and other bills, I have none left. So my trust will now go on the shoulders of Obama, to do the right thing. I am still an avid Ron Paul fan but in the light of things, I think the worst thing that could happen, would be the election of McCain and Palin for four more years of this. So to lighten up things on the political realm, I'll leave it to Sarah Silverman. I saw this video and it put a smile on my face, something that does not happen often when politics are discussed these days.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Busy Time

So it only took me a fuckin month to make another post on here. Okay so I'm starting to feel it, getting into the blog groove. I'm currently working on a header image and scanning some DNC photos I took, while the convention was in town. On another note, I'm working over at Giant Interactive ( and totally loving it. In my free time, I'm designing, getting my 66 VW Beetle running, trying to see Kristy as much as possible, riding my bike and focusing on my website, which if I can make it happen, will be up before the end of the year.